DeafBlind UK website

Deafblind UK are a leading national charity who support those living with hearing and site loss. We were very pleased to be commissioned to redevelop the DeafBlind UK website, having worked on building their previous site some years previously.

We were tasked with looking at a few areas of the site, using our experience to build on the successes of the previous site whilst moving the site forward as the charity has changed over the past few years.


We began the project with an in-depth look at the current websites analytics data and explored user journeys across the site and how they matched DeafBlind’s priorities and goals for the site. This gave us a comprehensive set of data from which we could see where we could improve user journeys across the site. It also meant we could look at using the site’s structure and design to encourage users to access key information and create successful interactions for users.


We had the opportunity to revisit the latest developments in responsive design to make sure the site is as accessible as possibles for the Deafblind’s user base. We also looked at user group feedback to inform decisions on design and layout.


As part of the redevelopment we decided to create a central information hub for users on the site which brought together the diverse range of services offered by Deafblind into an easily accessible single section. It made it easier for users to see the range of services offered and meant that users could follow information pathways to useful and core content easily.

We also developed sections on fundraising and volunteering to incorporate more features as well as improving the integration of payments for giving and donations.


At the same time we made sure we were using the latest developments of responsive website design to make the site look as attractive and modern as possible whilst still adhering to advice on accessibility and usability for DeafBlind’s user group. The site’s use of space and clear large readable text is purposeful whilst we also avoided tricks and features which would cause issues with screen readers and other technology aids.

A long-term relationship

We were very pleased to be  able to continue the journey with supporting Deafblind’s important work and look forward to are continued work with them developing the site going forwards. As with all our clients we come alongside them to support them on the site throughout the life of the website. In DeafBlind UK’s case post-launch we have added several new features to the site including working with them to integrate the sign language app Signly on to the site.

Visit the site at https://deafblind.org.uk