Brand Identity

We love branding. We really do. We love the journeys we take with clients – getting to know their organisation or product and then leading them through the branding process from initial concepts to final designs and how their brand will work on different media and digital platforms. With over 20 years of experience we understand the fundamentals of building a successful brand identity and pride ourselves in creating unique and creative visuals.

We have experience of working with clients big and small too – from small start up enterprises to large charities and large private sector organisations.

It’s about who you are


Who are you? Who needs to know? How will they find out? Why should they care?

We see brands as having three key functions:-

Build awareness – so that consumers remember who you are and what you do.

Articulate value – communicate the quality and distinctiveness of the brand.

Increase engagement –  attract new customers and encourage them to identify and interact with the brand.

We understand that nowadays most brands need to work well into both physical and virtual worlds. We create all our brands with a keen eye on how they might work on social media and other digital platforms.

Our Process

1. Understanding the brand

We like to understand exactly what an organisation, product or campaign is all about. We’re also keen to know the long term aims for the brand and to identify what a successful branding would mean.

2. Research

We take time looking at the brand’s competitors and other brands in the marketplace. Identifying these things help us in ensuring a brand will look unique and stand out.

3. Concept design

We then produce a creative response to the brief which often includes developing several distinct concepts for the new brand.

4. Finalising the design

After presenting the brand concepts we work with our clients to refine the identity where needed and incorporate any feedback. We also look in more detail at the colour palettes and typography used.

5. Developing the wider identity

We recommend any branding project looks at how the brand will work, looking at practical examples of how the brand will work on marketing and publicity. We like to look at a visual identity in it’s widest possible sense to ensure that we are not just making a pretty logo but working out how the the brand will work in a practical and real-world way.

6. Creating brand guidelines

We also produce guidelines documents for the identity’s use along with assets for our clients to use so it’s easy for them to use the identity going forwards.

Why choose us?

As well as believing in the quality and creativity of our identity work we do like to mention what we think are two of our most important strengths:

We are a small (but very experienced) team – as opposed to big agencies we handle (with care) every project from start to finish. And although we’re a small we’ve got bags of experience (over 20 years). So the same person who talks big concepts and creative ideas in our first meeting is the same person that leads you through the whole process. You won’t find your project handed on to an anonymous junior designer once you leave the room and the final product will be designed with the same quality and finesse you’d expect from experienced senior designers, along with any work we do after that.

We are a multi-disciplinary agency – we are an agency that works across a wide range of media – from traditional to digital platforms – so we are experienced in making a brand which will work well whether on a client’s business card, website or social media feed. We can also help designing a whole range of products, from signage to annual reports, newsletters to merchandise to give a consistent identity across everything an organisation produces.

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