Website design

Our focus is on creating beautiful, functional and easy-to-use websites. With over 20 years of experience in website design we are skilled in delivering successful website projects large and small for a huge range of clients – from business start-ups and local social enterprises to large established charities and private sector corporations.

Our process

We have a tried and tested website design process taking a client from UX workshops to sitemaps, wireframes and design before beginning to build the site. Once built we go through a rigorous testing process, making sure the website is optimised for use across different devices and platforms. We also offer training and post-launch support.

We use the popular and powerful WordPress platform to build our sites, building upon the flexible WordPress environment to develop sophisticated responsive websites.

We can offer the best of both worlds in that we are both experienced designers and developers. We can create beautiful and contemporary looking websites that also work really well. We can seamlessly incorporate features like shopping carts, event calendars and donation pages and advise clients when they need to integrate third party tools like payment gateways, newsletters or CRMs.

A consistent brand identity

As a multi-service agency we are very used to creating or using brands and adapting them for both traditional and new media. It means when it comes to a website we can make sure the design is an accurate and seamless representation of an organisation’s off-line brand. It matters to us what a website looks like and how it conveys a client’s identity.

Live Lent with Christian Aid book designs

After Care, security and peace of mind

We are very aware that the launch of a website is not the end of our work with a client. From the beginning of the project we will talk through how the site will be managed post-launch and how we can help with supporting the client for the lifetime of the site. We agree options for on-going support and hosting as well as looking at identifying any aspects of the site which could be developed in the future.

Website security has also become an increasing area of concern for all website owners and we use our experience to recommend different options for backing up and scanning the site to keep keep the site safe and secure.

Other services we offer

UX workshops

We recommend all our clients start with a bespoke UX workshop to look in-depth at what different user groups want from the site and how to structure that content.

Reporting on analytics

We can also undertake analysis of the statistics that have been collected from your current site, specialising in working with the Google Analytics platform. We look at analysing the data through asking questions about what you want to achieve on the new site so in every respect we can build a better site focused on achieving an organisations key aims and objectives.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We offer both one off services to set up advanced SEO tools onto our websites and also an on-going work to improve the performance of your website with regular monthly reporting. We can also look at any aims you have for your site and make suggestions as to when changes to the sited adding additional content will help achieve those goals.

Interested in finding out more?

You can have a look at our portfolio of sites we’ve built here.

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