Woodbrooke Conferences Material

As part of our ongoing relationship with Woodbrooke, we were asked to look at the branding and publicity for their conferencing services to bring it in line with the new identity we created.

We looked at Woodbrooke’s USPs, their competitors and material for other leading providers elsewhere in the country to see how best we could position them in the congested marketplace. We also worked on helping to develop a series of key marketing messages with them which could thread through all the conferencing materials.

The final set of materials focus on the unique setting and environment of Woodbrooke, whilst emphasising it’s central location and outstanding facilities, along with it’s strong ethical policy.

We created a main meeting and conferencing brochure, inserts for the brochure’s back page pocket as well as accompanying marketing material to be distributed across the region.

You can see the brochure in full here.

And visit the Woodbrooke website, which we also built, to find out more about what they do.