Preaching Women by Liz Shercliff

We designed this book cover for Liz Shercliff’s latest book, Preaching Women, wanting to create something bold and energetic with a very modern feel. We were very pleased with the title’s typeface with it’s bold brushstroke style and juxtaposition with the black and white illustration behind.

From the book…

This book is about far more than just preaching. It is about the kind of world and church women preach in and how we might respond to it. Exploring gender, power and privilege and why women’s voices are essential in order to display the fullness of God, Liz Shercliff argues that when women do not preach as women ‘both excluded women and exalted men suffer’. Her book presents a clarion call for women preachers to speak out of their experience of living as women in today’s culture and church.

“Liz Shercliff has written the book we have all been waiting for Elaine Storkey

You can buy the book at https://www.amazon.co.uk/Preaching-Women-Gender-Power-Pulpit/dp/0334058384