2018 saw us work with the Church of England on a series of exciting campaigns #livelent #followthestar #greatvocationsconversation (pictured) and the forthcoming campaign for Lent and Easter #LentPilgrim and #EasterPilgrim. It’s been fantastic working with the team at Church House, seeing the books we designed in print and then watching as the digital campaigns around them take off.

It included us seeing our book for #followthestar turn up on TV being held up by an MP in the House of Commons as a positive initiative for Christmas and the #livelent campaign winning some awards for it’s co-ordinated digital campaign.

“Last, but by no means least, thanks and plaudits are also due to the consistently brilliant Richard Pearson at PenguinBoy, who has come up with so many great designs and dealt with some challenging schedules to help ensure CHP plays such a positive and full role in the work of the C of E.”