Book Design


The Common Gaze book cover

The Common Gaze by Eric Stoddart

We worked on this cover, for Eric Stoddart’s book The Common Gaze on the theme of surveillance in both our...
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Slavery Free Communities front cover

Slavery-Free Communities. Edited by Dan Pratt

We designed the cover to Slavery-Free Communities by Dan Pratt for SCM Press a book about modern slavery and human...
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Being Interrupted cover design

Being Interrupted by Al Barrett and Ruth Harley

We were commissioned to work on this cover for Being Interrupted by Al Barrett and Ruth Harley by SCM Press.
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Ghost Ship book cover

Ghost Ship by A.D.A by France Williams

We were commissioned to design Ghost Ship by A.D.A France-Williams which focuses using on institutional racism in the Church of...
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Prayer - Where to Start & How to Keep Going by Stephen Cottrell

Prayer – Where to Start & How to Keep Going by Stephen Cottrell

We recently worked with Church House Publishing and the Church of England on a book by Archbishop Stephen Cottrell, Prayer...
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The Backwater Sermons book cover

The Backwater Sermons. Poems by Jay Hulme

Our design for the book The Backwater Sermons, a collection of poetry by the poet performer and educator Jay Hulme.
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Christianity Rediscovered by Vincent Donovan book cover design

Christianity Rediscovered book cover

We were delighted at how this cover design came out for Vincent Donovan's influential book Christianity Rediscovered, designed on behalf...
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First Expressions book cover

First Expressions book cover

This cover for Steve Taylor's book First Expressions, designed on behalf of SCM Press, uses a vibrant abstract image and...
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God Unbound by Brian McLaren book cover

God Unbound book cover

We designed this book cover for Brian McLaren's book about his experiences of the Galapagos Islands, God Unbound, in 2019.
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Preaching Women by Liz Shercliff

We designed this book cover for Liz Shercliff's latest book wanting to create something bold and energetic with a very...
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Seeking the God Beyond cover designed by Penguin Boy

Seeking the God Beyond by JP Williams

One of our favourite covers that we’ve produced so far for SCM Press - the design uses the artwork of...
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Post-Christendom. Author Stuart Murray. Designed by Penguin Boy.

Post-Christendom by Stuart Murray

Working with SCM Press, we were tasked with designing the cover for the second edition of this book, Post-Christendom Church...
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Buying God book cover. Author Eve Poole

Buying God – Consumerism & Theology by Eve Poole

As part of our ongoing work producing covers for the publisher SCM Press, we created this design for a book...
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Theology for Changing Times cover design by Penguin Boy

Theology for Changing Times – John Atherton and the future of Public Theology

We recently created the cover for Theology for Changing Times - John Atherton and the future of Public Theology. It's...
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The cover of The Pilgrim Way book

The Pilgrim Way

We designed this full colour pocket sized book with Church House Publishing and the Church of England as part of...
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Live Lent: Let Your Light Shine

We worked with the Church of England on their new project for Lent 2018, 'Live Lent: Let Your Light Shine',...
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#Godwithus book cover


We worked with the Church of England on their campaign for Advent and Christmas 2017, #Godwithus, including this pocket sized...
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Becoming Reverend front cover

Becoming Reverend

Penguin Boy Ltd designed the cover for the new memoir 'Becoming Reverend' by Matt Woodcock on behalf of Church House...
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Live Lent with Christian Aid book cover

Into the Wilderness

We have designed a new book, Into the Wilderness, which is a collaboration between Christian Aid and the Church of...
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Scars Across Humanity

Scars Across Humanity was designed for SPCK for Elaine Storkey, English philosopher, sociologist and theologian.
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Faith Generation

'Faith Generation' is a new book by Nick Shepherd and published by SPCK.
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Prayers on the Move

Prayers on the Move

Penguin Boy worked with SPCK on the 'Prayers on the Move' campaign - designing tube posters, a book, promotional items...
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The Tabloid Bible

'The Tabloid Bible' is an update to a popular SPCK published book by Nick Page.
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Teach and Play World Music

World Music – Teach & Play

A project with Rhinegold Education division, the task was to create a set of vibrant, eye-catching covers for their world...
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Sight Reading Success

Sight Reading for Piano

Sight Reading Success was a series of books designed for Rhinegold Publishing.
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inspiredenglish 1

Inspired English

Working in partnership with the National Gallery of Victoria, these series of books were designed for Macmillan in Australia.
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GCSE Performance Pieces

GCSE Performance Pieces is a series of music books we designed for Rhinegold Education.
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Teenage Prayer Experiment

The Teenage Prayer Experiment

Commissioned by SPCK, we designed The Teenage Prayer Experiment Notebook's cover and internal page designs in a fun and informal...
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Love Life Live Lent covers

Love Life Live Lent

Love Life Live Lent is a series of books produced by Church House Publishing for the Church of England.
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'Are You Ready?' book cover

Are you Ready?

Commissioned by SPCK this was the second book in a series on confirmation that we designed.
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Don't Stop At The Lights book cover

Don’t Stop At The Lightbulbs

'Don't Stop at the Lights' is a book we designed with Church House Publishing for the Church of England.
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Pocket Prayers for commuters cover

Pocket Prayers

Pocket Prayers is a series of books published by Church House Publishing.
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Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark is a series of study and work books designed for Macmillan Australia.
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